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Hello thegates, i would like to use this image: as a background for a private non-commercial blog-website. Can I please have your permission for that? I would credit your work in the impressum.

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iamreallyhungry  - Last edited 2 weeks ago

Hi! I am ur fans since i saw this pic what a gorgeous art! btw, me and my classmates will release a short story book called "Jagad" that it means World in my language, then i saw ur pic, can i use it as the cover? i hope u acc it, thx before

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:) Hey.. How are you ?

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I contact you on behalf of Platform, a Norwegian institute established to prevent violent extremism in our society. We prepare for a new website, and in search of photos we have identified one from your portfolio.

Will it be possible for us to use this photo in our website? What would be the conditons?

Best regards Stein Inge

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Hi. I'm releasing my first novel, and I would like to know if I can use this photo for book cover? "Buildings skyscrapers hoodie rain storm mood dark" Please answer fast, on my e-mail. thank you, beautiful work, by the way. :)

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finally found the new message button :) hi, i would love to use this wallpaper without the person in it to help out some kids who got terrible photographs for their shool final party. that means, i would put them in front of the background with some modifications .they would use the photographs on facebook and instagram. is it allwed to modify the wallpaper and to use it? if there is need, im happy to pay for it. hope to hear from you soon, the kids need it as fast as possible. this is the pic: thanks a lot mario

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Hello there and I've found your art here in the link below. So to the point I found that I really love your art. And I was wondering if I could use them for my OC I'm making using your art as the face claim. So please respond when your available at the time

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how can i post here ????? i just see the button to reply, nothing for a new message