2017 McLaren 720S

McLaren continues to refine the Super Series with its most powerful offering yet, the 710 hp 720S. Power derives from the familiar lightweight twin turbocharged V8, but now with displacement increased to 4 liters and 41 percent new parts compared to the smaller engine. The most powerful car in the Super Series, and the most powerful McLaren car currently produced for the street, the 720S achieves a 0-62 mph time of 2.9 seconds. In spite of the additional power, the 720S is actually a hair lighter than the 650S.

McLaren was an early pioneer with carbon fiber, introducing the carbon monocoque to Formula 1 back in 1981, so it's no suprise to find carbon fiber used heavily in their new Monocage II chassis, with a carbon tub and upper structure, and aluminum alloys used where optimal in parts of the chassis along with some body panels.

Also new is McLaren's Proactive Chassis Control and new suspension. The interior features the expected fine leathers, as well as a new driver interface with Folding Driver Display and Infotainment Screen.

McLaren has been a whirlwind of activity since introducing the now discontinued 12C back in 2011 (where does the time go?). Since that time, we have had the P1, the direct descendant of the legendary F1, and the 650S, whose basic styling language informs both the Sport Series and Super Series. The company continues to challenge with a wide range range of offerings, and the 720S deservedly sits at the top as the finest McLaren in current production.

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