Copyright policy is an online service provider. We provide legal copyright owners with the ability to self-publish on the internet by uploading, storing and displaying various media utilizing our services. We mostly host user-generated content, therefore possible copyright infrigements are caused by users breaking our Terms of Service, and possibly the law. We take copyright violations very seriously and we will vigorously protect the rights of legal copyright owners.

If you are the copyright owner of content which appears on the website and you did not authorize the use of the content you should read the section below.

If you want to report a violation you should submit the form below. Alternatively you can contact us, or our DMCA agent directly.

An image violates my copyright, what can I do?

This means that the uploader violated our terms as well, you should report it to us as soon as possible, providing us the URL of that image. You may ask for:

  • The removal of the image from our servers, usually done within 2 business days or less.
  • Take credit for it: in this case we can add a custom credits string, including a link to an external page, if you like.
  • Get it moved to your account. If you don't have problems with the image in question behing displayed in the website you can request that we move it to your account, there's no need to upload it again.
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