Can I use an image in my project?

It depends on how that particular image is licensed. In general, in these kind of situations, you should always ask the copyright holder of that image for the proper rights that you need.

Read the following question on how to contact the author of an image.

An image has a Creative Commons license specified, can I use it?

It depends on the license and the use you want to do of it. Click on the "" icon next to it to read more about the license.

Keep in mind that if you see a Creative Commons license specified in a wallpaper page it may still be possible that the uploader, in violation of our terms and the law, specified the license in question without having the right to do so.

In general you should always get a written permission from the copyright holder, we do not currently provide a financial insurance in any case, even if the information displayed is wrong or inaccurate.

An image has its license "not specified", what does it mean?

It means that the uploader of that particular image didn't tell us, at the moment of uploading it, what the license of that image is. The ability to specify a license wasn't available on this website on its early days, so maybe that's why the uploader didn't give us more informations about the license.

If you'd like to use your image in your project you should read the related question.

How do I contact the author of an image?

Chances are that, unless the uploader violated our terms, he/she is the author of the image or at least he/she knows who the author is. Just sign up and send him/her a message.

In case the uploader doesn't answer your message in a timely manner, you may try to perform a reverse image search on Google of that image, it may lead you to the first website where that image has been posted (probably the author's website).

What can I do as a member?

There are a lot of things that you could do as a member, here are some examples:

  • Download hundreds of wallpapers every day
  • Save favorites and create favorites' collections
  • Upload wallpapers you own
  • Send messages to other members
  • Write in the forum
  • Edit wallpapers' tags
  • Edit wallpapers' category
  • Collect achievements

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What are the terms of the website?
How does the search engine work?
How do the achievements work?

We have a total of 102 achievements, divided into 4 groups:

  • Contributions - Your contributions to the community
  • User centered - See how much you are ingrained here
  • Uploads centered - How popular your wallpapers are
  • Single shot - Things to do at least once

Every achievement is worth a number of points, that go from 1 to 9, for a total of 498 points. Based on these points we have a global ranking where every member with at least 1 point will be listed in.

Global ranking is updated every 3 days automatically. An achievement might be removed if the member doesn't have the requirements anymore.

This is an example page. If an achievement has a darker icon it means that it has not been achieved yet.

As features number grows new achievements could be added in the future! If you think there are some achievements missing don't hesitate to contact us.

Can I upload my own wallpapers?

Yes, WallpaperUP is an image sharing network, every wallpaper here is uploaded by a member, just read our terms and follow our simple uploading rules.

What are the rules for uploading?

WallpaperUP is all about high quality images and respect of their owners' rights, so there are some rules to follow:

  • You must be allowed to upload that image. For instance you should be the author of it or get the consent from its owner, unless the image is in the public domain
  • If you specify a license and you're not the copyright holder, be sure to specify the right license
  • Every wallpaper must be not less than 1440x900
  • Put a small image into a bigger frame to overcome the previous rule is disallowed
  • Low quality and bad photos are not allowed, this is not Instagram
  • Private photos are not allowed
  • Any sort of porn or nudity is not allowed
  • Wallpapers that promote hate, violence and/or racism are disallowed
  • Wallpapers must be suitable for work and kids. Moderators can reject even women in lingerie or bikini
  • The maximum allowed size is 50MB

Wallpapers need to be approved by a moderator before becoming publicly visible, unless you are a trusted member.

How can I upload without waiting a review of my wallpapers? How do I become a trusted member?

Normal members have to wait for a review of their wallpapers by a moderator before they become publicly visible. Trusted members do not have to wait such reviews.

To become a trusted member you have to upload around 250 wallpapers and don't get any of them rejected. In general after a while we'll notice you and you'll get the "trusted" status.

If you think you already proved your respect of the rules and you uploaded enough wallpapers but you still don't have the "trusted" status you should contact us and we'll review your situation.

Can I track my wallpapers statistics?

Yes, every wallpaper has it's own statistics, you can view some of them like: views, downloads and favorites just by opening that wallpaper's page.

There are some other statistics that you can view in your statistics page.

Can I change the tags of a wallpaper?

Yes, but you have to be a member. Tags are needed for our search engine, read more about how it works.

Can I change the category of a walpaper?

Yes, but you have to be a member.

A wallpaper violates the rules, what can I do?

If it violates the rules because the image in question infringes your copyright, be sure to read this answer.

If it breaks any of the other rules, or you think it hurts you or simply you think it's not appropriate for the website than you should definitely contact us.

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