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Ancient Cemetery Found In Bath, UK Archaeologist discusses an Anglo-Saxon burial found in the vaults of the Bath Abbey in Somerset, UK.

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Luxury home of Pablo Escobar is blasted into dust A former Medellin home of drug lord Pablo Escobar has been destroyed in Colombia following concern that the site was becoming a tourist destination.

The 8-storey "Monaco" apartments, equipped with extensive garage space for Escobar's luxury car collection were a symbol of evil, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez told journalists.

Escobar was killed in December 1993 in a joint Colombia-U.S. operation.

The building will be replaced by a memorial to the victims of drug violence.

"This means that history will not be written in service to the victimizers, but in recognition of the victims," President Ivan Duque said at the event, before he flew to the Venezuelan border to attend a charity concert.

At height of the bitter conflict between Escobar's Medellin cartel and the rival Cali cartel, the complex was attacked with a car bomb.

It was expropriated by Colombia in 1990 and for a time served as extra office space for the attorney general's office. A reason to even go to Columbia on a tourist trip.. and they blow it up.

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