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Driving Cabbie Punched And Blinded By Passenger This footage shows a drunk customer repeatedly punching a cabbie in the face and even covering his eyes as he tries to get to a police station for help.

The taxi driver surnamed Lin said he picked up the drunk client at 1am in Hualien County in East Taiwan.

However, halfway through the journey the passenger allegedly began slurring his words and turned physically violent soon after. I'd put my seat belt on, floor it into a wall and send the dudethrough the windshield, Grindhouse style.

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A fight at my workplace ..... volume This between employees and customers who were mad about there order... And felt disrespected by customer service. Im recording ... I just watched and observed..

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Video shows teacher splitting toddler’s head after hurling tot against cabinet Surveillance camera footage shows the moment a toddler’s head was split open after a teacher hurled her against a cabinet. The three year-old girl needed seven stitches after being attacked by the woman at Brighter Day Care in St Louis County, Missouri, on February 1.

Surveillance footage shows the youngster standing calmly by a chair before the teacher marches over to her, grabs her arm and drags her, before letting the child go and sending her crashing into the furnitute.

Afterwards, the unnamed staff member reportedly sent a note home to the child’s parents blaming her injuries on a ‘fall.’ Lawyer Jennifer Hansen is now representing the child’s family, who wish to remain anonymous.

The teacher has since been fired, with both police and local education authorities investigating her and her employer.

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Three-year-old boy gets snapped by wires when playing in the snow A young resident of Ryazan was hospitalized with serious injuries after falling blocks of ice on him, the regional department of the TFR notes. The incident that occurred before the of the mother, fell into the lens of a surveillance camera.

The communal avalanche came down on February 27 at the house No. 44/3 along Seminarskaya Street, where the hostel of the branch of the St. Petersburg University of Communications is located. The frame shows how the frost breaking from the roof tears wires and falls directly on a three-year-old boy playing in a snowdrift, his mother stands a few meters away. From the blow of the child thrown to her feet.

"There is a fire exit from the dormitory. The fallen lump ricocheted off the dormitory visor directly on the child," the branch director Alexey Shibaev told .

According to him, the boy was playing behind the fence tape. Currently, snow and frost is promptly cleaned from the roof, a new ribbon was hung at the scene.

The affected child is in intensive care. The issue of a criminal case is being resolved. talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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