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First of all, thank you to those involved with running this site, and thanks to those uploading their images to give us free wallpapers.

Since the site redesign, I'm just wondering if there is any way around the limit of 50 pages being displayed. Previously, I was going through and collecting 5K wallpapers (for spanning dual QHD monitors) and was on page 90-something, starting with the oldest. Now I can't get to a certain time-span of wallpapers since any page over 50 displays the same thing as page 50. I can sort the opposite direction but still can't get to a lot of the wallpaper that I was wading through, and would greatly enjoy it if I could. Would be great if we could choose a timeframe in our searches, or allow over 50 pages of results like before, or allow more results per page.

Also wanted to suggest adding a Multi-Monitor resolution option of 5120x1440, as I imagine this is one of the top choices for dual-monitors since QHD is pretty mainstream these days. Feels like we could drop some of the 4:3 ratio multi-monitor options because let's face it, almost no one is using 4:3 monitors anymore (outside of iPads and their clones). If you have oddball 2305x864 as an option (shouldn't it be 2304, not 2305?), I think we should also have 5120x1440.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm sorry for the late reply, but I think you'll like it. I made some changes:

  • 2305x864 has been renamed to 2304x864
  • 5120x1440 has been added
  • the pages limit has been increased from 50 to 500, it should be enough for any practical need. In the future I'll consider raising it even further though.

If you have any other suggestion feel free to write about it in the forum.

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