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We have a sparkling new forum, awesome!

Finally we have a place where our discussions can take place. Grin

These are the main new features:

  1. 13 categories where to discuss about everything. There are also some categories where you can help to improve the whole site, like "Suggestions" useful to post suggestions about new features that you'd like to see here, or "Bugs" useful for reporting bugs you saw, so that I can fix them as soon as possible.
  2. A powerful comments editor. It's technically a WYSIWYG editor: What You See Is What You Get, so basically what to see when writing a message is exactly what you'll get after saving the message.
  3. A new section of achievements for forum posts.
  4. For every new thread opened in the "Announcements" category (like this one) we'll get a notification for it. Only moderators can open threads on this category, but everyone with an account can post messages to them.
  5. We now even have a real time chat!

Keep in mind that this forum was built in less then a week, it's possible to see some small bugs, new features will be added in the future (if you have some good ideas don't forget to let the community know about it!):

  1. RSS feeds available for every category and thread.
  2. Ability to add polls to threads.
  3. A more advanced search form.
  4. Even more...

Happy WallpaperUP to everyone! Sunglasses

PS. Don't forget to read our netiquette before opening a new thread or posting a reply.

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Its awesome man....Smile I just patiently waiting for "WallpaperUP Forum" .... Thank u wallpaperUP team...SmileSmile

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Thank you for being a member of this community Grin 

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I also have wallpapers site .... i want to make it like yours...

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