Offtopic "Online learning systems?"
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What are your thoughts about elearning? My company is thinking of switching from our current LMS, Saba Halogen, to a new one. We are not quite sure what we are wanting yet, but wanted to get some ideas about what is out there and what works best. We currently are using Captivate as our authoring tool and upload in SCORM files. We have heard of a LMS that will let us build courses within the program itself, but we do not know the name nor is this a requirement.

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I found useful article about online education with CRM here . As it turned out CRM could be very usefu tool for online education. It allows to store all the information about students and courses, view the history of interaction with any student, and attach all materials to classes only with a few clicks. Plus it allows both students and teachers have access to the needed materials from any location and at any time.

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