General "How Specscart is better than other Glasses & Sunglasses Companies?"
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Specscart has to be the best eyewear company in the UK. With such low prices, we’ve brought a breakthrough in the eyewear industry. Not many companies make their products keeping in mind people from all walks of life. But we’re making everyday eyewear accessible to every person possible.

Specscart manufactures the eyewear that it sells in its in-house production labs. There are no middlemen involved in the supply chain. From the labs, the glasses reach the customers directly. That is why the prices of those glasses are comparatively lower than the rest of the companies.

Also, if you are assuming that lower prices mean substandard quality then, no! That’s not true at all. Specscart promises premium quality in all the products that it sells. Whether you buy prescription glasses, blue light blocking glasses, sunglasses or prescription sunglasses, each and every product goes through three quality checks before going for packaging.

In addition to providing glasses at the best rates, Specscart delivers glasses at a lightning speed. Known as the ‘Specscart Rocket’, the 24-hour dispatch service aims at delivering all the glasses at great speed. Only a few complicated prescriptions take time - all other glasses are dispatched within 24 hours.

The exemplary service of the free home trial of eyeglasses is what outshines Specscart. Under this service, you can book four eyeglasses for a week to check the comfort and style. A fresh new pair will be sent to you after a week is over which you like from the trial.

When we talk about eyewear, Specscart is a complete package in itself. Visit our stores in Bury and Walkden or website now to know more about our services.

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