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I want to lose weight but I don't know how to do it fast. my average daily output of calories is between 3.6-4.8 depending on if i go to work or not. I know i dont eat a whole lot since depression has made me lose my appitite. Recently about a month ago i started using those healthy meals thats sold at HEB that have an average of under 800 cal a meal. I will eat 1 of those a day and try to eat healthier, drinking sparkling water, (so as to get me off my diet soda and sugar free soda addiction) and lots of veggies. I try not to eat snacks cause i will just not stop eating if i start.

Recently i got me a VR headset and have played alot of beatsaber since i like it and it counts as my workout. (I can go almost 3 hours on that with what the fitbit says anerobic workout without noticing.) I do this about 3 times a week since i do it on my only days off. I work overnights so im not active during the day (i get home at 5am on average) but im a night owl by nature anyways. Uhm...Not sure whatever i can describe but it seems when i tried to get off my soda addiction and try to eat healthier (i dropped eating fast food and avoiding fried foods as much as possible) I seemed to have gained several kgs now. Im now at 137kg and...i want to drop that to at least 90 maybe not by the end of this year not sure if thats possible and healthy but...i want to make a change im just not sure what else i can do.

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Same here. I kept on a healthy diet plus started attending the gym. But I still couldn't lose 10 lbs. Luckily a friend of mine advised me local coolsculpting in Newmarket here This procedure can help to get rid of fat cells in the short period of time. It worked for me and I lost 10lbs after a few sessions. Awesome feelings.

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