Offtopic "Hve you ever tried botox or other beauty treatments?"
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Have you ever had botox? How much was it, what did you have done, and what were the results? Let's discuss

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It is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world but it's better to consult with specialists first. I heard so many positive reviews about botox treatment so I decided give it a try too. I've found reliable Botox Clinic Toronto with competitive prices and pro team that provides hundreds of Botox injections to residents of the GTA each week. They take special care to ensure your results will be subtle but effective.

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It would be better if I've tried acnes removing then bottox..

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Agree what acnes and papillomas are much worse then it seems. I was looking for solution for so long and spent much money for different parlors and beauty treatments until realized it wasn't necessary at all. How to remove papillomas at home? - this question made me feel stupid. I didn't even know that it was possible to remove at home without spending much money. Anyway I was able to rid of them and I did it succesfully. Thank God.

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