Offtopic "Why do you play Minecraft ?"
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I'm interested why everyone plays Minecraft, instead of other availible videogames, or even why spend a lot of your time on videogames. I do it because I really enjoy spending some time with this community, why do you?

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I play it because it gives me opportunities to let my imagination free. It is a great social place and definitely one of the best games I have played ever. Even though if I told my friends at school that I played it they would just laugh as they are into Supreme stickers and like the latest shoes.

I am really interested why other people play this game.

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So what is this thing? Minecraft is a computer game in which the world is made up of blocks and the graphics are extremely pixelated. Players can choose to play in survival mode, where they must collect resources and build a shelter to hide from monsters that come out at night. They can also play in creative mode, in which players have access to endless resources so they can fly and build amazing creations. Multiplayer is also available. One of the biggest factors contributing to the popularity of Minecraft is its flexibility of use. Players can, of course, play in survival mode, just like in any other game. However, many also prefer to play in creative mode, where, hence the name, most of the creative potential of the players is expressed. And when you lose interest, you can use Minecraft seeds There's something inherently tempting about rolling the dice in the new world of Minecraft and just seeing what you get.

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Minecraft - is more than game. It's a whole life

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love this game too

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