Offtopic "Should I look for a wife at all?"
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I really don't post this in search of pity or anything like that but I see that these forum's are pretty active and I want some honest feedback.

For a while I have wondered if it is fair to a woman to marry them, even though my disability might mean we would never have children. I know basically no woman's dream guy is in a wheelchair (obviously). I've gone over it with friends and get some mixed responses some saying 'no it's not fair' other saying 'God will illuminate the way' or something to that effect. If anyone's got any scriptures that would be great as well.

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If God wants you to have a wife, He'll see to it that it happens. You don't necessarily have to have kids to be married. I had a handicapped "girlfriend" who was in the chair and she got married, 10 years now. It can happen.

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I understand perfectly well, I had a girlfriend who I wanted to marry in the future, but she left me after I had an accident and suffered serious injuries. I would be heartbroken and for the betrayal. But my friends helped me find my current wife, advised the site She's from Russia she's a wonderful wife who has always supported me.

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Sure you do. There is no other way. Just imagina pretty prite at your wedding... lovely

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