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What are the alternatives to traditional home ownership? I know that I will never be able to afford my home due to the large deposit I will need and my salary. I was thinking about moving up north as I feel properties would be cheaper but given the way Manchester is going and the arrival of HS2, properties prices in the midlands and the north will be similar prices to the south east. I saw a property near to where I live, it was for 140,000. I thought that was reasonable but it was only for 25%. My grandchildren would still be paying the mortgage off. I am now thinking about alternatives, shipping containers? Mobile homes? Campervan?

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Renting for life, living in a caravan, being a hobo .. the possibilities are endless

To be honest the idea of living in one of those shipping containers has appeal, here its become quite a popular niche and they can be tricked out quite nicely. You still run into the problem of needing land though (which is what costs the money) as you cant just buy a cheap bit of ex farmland and set up shop without the council throwing a wobbly about misusing land.

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that's a good question. Buying a house could be a good investment for the future I don't see any alternatives. I'm planning to buy my first property abroad in Antalya and I found local specialists with the head office in London. They heped me to find perfect property here at competitive price. I'm sure this property will be a good investment.

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