Offtopic "How to download videos from YouTube in simple steps?"
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A lot of people find videos on YouTube that they genuinely like, but they do not know how they can download the videos for offline viewing. There are some YouTube videos that you can choose to download, and when you get to your channel, you can just watch the videos even if you are not connected to the internet.

To some of the videos that you cannot download, you can use different websites that will allow you to convert the YouTube videos and saving them in files that you can open on your computer.

Paste the link of the video on the website and click on convert.

Wait for the conversion to take place, and you will be prompted to save the video.

Once done, you can enjoy watching the video without being connected to the internet all the time.

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YouTube is one of the most popular sites to view streaming videos. There are times where a viewer will want to save or download the video onto their own device, and there are a few simple steps to do so.

• First, copy the link to the video you wish to download.

• Then, find a site that can take the link to download the videos. Examples of these sites include Vidpaw, Clip Converter, and Bit Downloader. The site should be picked up on the quality of the video desired.

• Once on the site, the copied link can be pasted into space for downloading.

• Then, press download and open on the device.

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First go on YouTube and copy the link of the video you want to download, then find a site from where you can download videos (pay attention to some, because they can download partly or in a very bad quality). I recommend to find reviews of such sites and don't risk the security of your device. Try sites like notMP3, I tried it and I continue using it, it's reliable. Then when you're in the site just paste the of your video and press download! Now you just need to wait until the video is fully loaded and you can watch it even without internet connection.

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