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Does anyone have any thoughts about the logistics of large machines, I have studied a lot of information, but so far I can not decide for sure

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Car transport, or vehicle transport, is a service that moves cars from one destination to another. You can ship via open transport (more cost effective) or enclosed transport (more protection). Typically, enclosed auto transport will cost 30-40% more than open transport.

What Documents Do I Need to Ship a Car?

At a glance. The paperwork required for your auto shipment can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. ...Bill of lading. ...Insurance terms and conditions. ...Lienholder authorization. ...Absent owner authorization. ...Title and registration. ...Proof of insurance. ...Photo ID.

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I bought a car from another state and I needed to transfer it to me, I was looking for information about transportation and it was not very easy for me to find the information that suits me, because I didn’t know much about it, but I came across an information site , it was very well written and I managed to bring my car to me.

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