Offtopic "what do you like most about sex?"
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what do you like most about sex?

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For me the best part about making love is the whole act itself. The woman is showing her love by totally surrendering herself and basically giving her body to you. And along with that comes everything else that a woman is. It’s like she’s saying, ok I’m giving you everything I am to love and to show me just how much you love me. That’s a pretty good gift to get. She wants (needs) that gift to be accepted, honored, cherished, and praised. And making love to a woman is accepting her gift by undressing her, honored by taking the time to acknowledge the whole package (body). Kissing, caressing, touching everything. Cherish her by dominating the act and showing you have taken control of her gift and it’s yours now and yours alone to have and enjoy. Then praise her by giving yourself in return. Making her feel good using yourself. If done right, it can be unbelievable and unforgettable. I think it’s the perfect way to show your love. For me anyway. Its giving only yourself, no money or status or popularity can substitute. No words to be misunderstood. No selfishness or pride to get in the way.

Guys can think it sissy or not manly enough. And sadly some women too. That’s okay.

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I don't like traditional sex. most of all I like to try something new. I get special pleasure from anal sex and regularly read cool and exciting stories about anal sex. I am sure that someday I will find a permanent sexual partner with whom I will have anal sex every day

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