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Since so many errors on stake casino today...let's have some fun here.

According to a new study, men care or being attracted more about a woman's face than they do about her body when seeking a long term relationships. Do you agree men? Let's see how you chose your wife/partner or girlfriend. (this exclude inside beauty).

Just answer: her face, body and some explanations... women love to here from you.

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It's sort of a total package thing... I initially am drawn to the body first (initial eye scan in other words). Then features such as eyes (Love the uniqueness of eyes.)

Then hopefully a personality that meshes...

To be honest though, I'd state "Yep, I'm attracted to" the majority of females if I'm shown a slide of random people.It really depends what they have on the inside for a relationship; but for just a moment of lust... -shrugs-

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I adore both athletic and slightly full bodies. naked breasts and buttocks make me sexually aroused. I like it when I look at the young bodies of beautiful girls here porno sex. I think the people who care about the face are from another planet . nothing in this world can compare to a beautiful female body

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Good body for sure. That's why we like girls :D

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Yeah. I agree with you my friend.

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Yes, the girls are great. I also like it here [] Firstly, the site itself is easy to use, there are many categories for every taste! The site gives complete anonymity to the user. There is really a lot of interesting stuff.On my own I will add that I like skinny girls with a thin waist, and I also like when the girl is not one, but several. It gives me even more pleasure, because how else. I'm a man!

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Yes, I know this site. Everything is done there, you are right. But I love more girls with a figure like African-American women.

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