Offtopic "How did you see the world today?"
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How did you see the world today? I look forward to your activity in this area

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Today I saw this world with new eyes. This caused me tremendous emotions that I have not experienced before. For a long period of time, I realized that I needed LASIK Eye Surgery. I read a lot about this but did not understand how much this procedure costs and whether it is safe. Thanks to this site, I calculated how much money I would spend on lasik and realized that I shouldn't waste time. now my vision is perfect and this is the best thing that happened to me!

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Everyone has a personal set of beliefs and values that theyuse to make sense of the world. This is a person’s “world view.”Your world view is your way of seeing things, and it includes― Beliefs about human beings and their place in the world― Religious beliefs about life and death― Beliefs and opinions about groups and societies― Value judgements about what is worthwhile or important― Values or guideposts for how you think people should behave― Beliefs about how the world is organized and how it works― Beliefs about how people can or should decide what is true or false― Beliefs about how decisions should be made and who should make them― Beliefs about how human beings should act― Opinions about what is positive or negative, right or wrongRead the following statements carefully, and think about your own reaction to them.They will tell you something about your own beliefs and values. Add otherstatements of your own.

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