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Anyone else's back hurt that it wakes you up in the mornings? This is the only time this happens. It's hard enough getting to sleep then being woken up this way!

Edited: What I really want is home remedies of any kind that might help or affordable stuff I can buy under $20 have an extremely limited income.

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I began taking collagen and alpha lipoic acid supplements. I have had sciatica pain for years, since my 20’s. I’m also a nurse so doing ridiculous things didn’t help. But since starting that it’s gone, like for real gone. The ache and burn in my hip and thigh has disappeared. It might be worth a shot.

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I have been working in a factory for more than a decade, and back pain is a chronic condition for my profession . Which I recently got rid of with the help of télémédecine, it is an online clinic that employs more than 2,500 doctors. They prescribed me a course of treatment that really helped me. I just felt a little bit of freedom when I got rid of my back pain.

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Back pain is awful..

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Check this one - I know there are many drug reviews which may be useful for your back pain problem.P.S. Anyway it's better to visit doctor if it is possible. Keep strong and healthy bro

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