Offtopic "wife or girlfriend?"
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what do you prefer?

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hmm, I prefer a serious relationship. if I find the girl of my dreams, she will become my wife in a short period of time!

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what a strange question. I dream that my girlfriend will become my wife this year. I found her on this site with russian brides and fell in love. she is very beautiful and young. I am sure that she will become an excellent mother of our future children. her smile drives me crazy and I can look into her blue eyes 24 hours a day.

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gilr for sure. I don't want marry

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I prefer wife. No doubt. Wife - is that kind of person who supports you all the time. But you have to truly love your GF before creating your own family. I date with a girl for 6 years now and I guess it's time to make a new step. That's why I've offered her a trip to Hunter Valley. That's my little trick because I'm going to propose her there and make a wedding ceremony as well :)I've already contacted the restourant, the wedding photographer Hunter Valley and some of my friends to organise this event.

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