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What pisses you off the most when you play video games?

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I hate when morning comes and I need to go to work)

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I am not very patient and when something in games doesn’t work out for me, I leave it. Long ago, when I played various primitive games, I used cheats, not because I'm bad, but because it's easier and more interesting for me. Now I play almost all games on my smartphone and there are no cheats. Thanks to my friend for advising me this guys, they develop game mods for android and make it possible to play with unlimited money, weapons or health

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Advertising pisses me off. This applies to games on a smartphone. If we talk about PC games, the high system requirements enrage. Can't keep up with updates

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nothing much I guess

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I know a site that I found out about when I first started playing, here is its link With the help of this information, I began to more or less understand this.

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