Offtopic "what do you like most about s*ex?"
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Surprise me)

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For me, the best thing about love is The act itself. A woman shows her love by giving herself completely and essentially giving her body. And with this comes all that is a woman.

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I don't like traditional sex, but most of all I like to try something new. I get a special pleasure from anal sex and regularly watch nude photos of celebrities and stories about them click site if you are interested. I am sure that someday I will find a permanent sexual partner with whom I will have sex every day

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Wow... I guess it's something special. I don't like usual and classic s**ex. That's why I like all which is unusual

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I don't know should I tell this or not but I also like strange types of sex. Exactly like the guy above :DMoreover I can tell - what I like the most. Foot fetish. Do you know what is it? Oh.. those sexy feet are amazing. For example I often check those sexy feet at twitter (yeah, exactly twitter - not adult sites :D). Why? Because there are favorite actresses and their lovely feet.

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+1 for alex.

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