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How do you feel about this? is this a profession for you or a hobby?

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A professional blogger is someone that makes their living blogging. Whether they monetize their blog through ads, products, coaching, or some other paid offering, blogging is their full-time job. ... As free platforms like, Tumblr, and Medium become more popular, more and more people are starting blogs

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blogging is the main form of income for me. I have my own popular YouTube channel and I can't imagine my life without it. I am sure that I will soon become a worldwide popular blogger and will be able to buy whatever I want for the money I earned. I recently realized that buying subscribers for youtube is a good idea and it helps me gain popularity quickly. people recognize me on the street and dream of having a photo with me

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There is a big difference. If your blog was made to bring profit after all - it's a profitable hobby which makes it a business. But I suppose every blog should bring profit.Unfortunately there are not much resources which are able to provide high-quality promotion services. Morevoer - blog creating is also a very important thing..

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All you need - is just create your own website (blog) and earn with it. Why create a blog? First of all, answer yourself the question of why you need a blog. We all start blogging for different reasons - to make money, to build an audience around a topic we are interested in, to create a professional resume, to improve our content writing skills and so on, the list of reasons is huge. I recommend to visit sunwaretech and check their site making service which is really high-quality. Because site making is the most important step. Just make it right and 50% of work is done.

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