General "How do you treat modern diseases?"
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How do you treat modern diseases? in the modern world there is a large number of new and unexplored diseases. how do you fight them?

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Strides in medicine have contributed to a dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last century. Diseases like HIV and cervical cancer that were essentially death sentences as recently as 30 years ago can now be managed with access to prescription drugs and surgical procedures.

Yet previously unknown or undiagnosed diseases and conditions continue to appear. And there are few to no effective treatments for many diseases and conditions.

Especially when the people susceptible to those illnesses tend to be low-income, the costly fight to find cures and develop vaccines for those diseases are unlikely to be profitable.

That is why I believe nonprofits have a vital role to play in funding these endeavors.

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at 22 I had asthma. Now I am 24 and I am glad that I practically got rid of this disease. for a long period of time, the doctors could not find a good and effective treatment for me and it upset me. I felt worse every day. but then, thanks to med brands, I found effective medicines that in a short period of time helped me get rid of the bad symptoms of asthma. I feel great

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Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us.

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