Offtopic "Any CS:GO players here?"
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If so, please try to use the DemoUI (shift + f2 or 'demoui' in dev console) and tell me if it works for you. If it does, please share your rules. My mouse seems to be stuck in the middle and unable to move when in console or demoui. Works perfectly the rest of the time.

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I feel like csgo has more nuances like shooting and counter strafing, but val gets overwhelming with abilities.

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Love CS:GO too, I want to improve skills and become a pro gamer. I found cs go tournament and database at with team rankings recently. There is full access to the esports database with upcoming matches and scores, teams analysis with ranking, main tournaments schedule.

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Nah, I only play Dota 2 and Dark Souls

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Hi. I've been playing CS:GO for 7 years now and I'm very surprised that I'm still not bored with the game. First of all, I really like the gameplay and the fact that the developers are constantly updating the game and adding something interesting to it, not letting the players get bored. I also can't help but mention the legendary cases that made this game so popular. But the truth is, buying cases and keys to them in Steam is quite expensive, I prefer to open them on this site as it's much cheaper and the chance of falling out rare and expensive things is much higher.

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