Offtopic "Easy to use online photo editor!"
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My 5 year old daughter uses this editorGrin


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This is really cool (image/picture)editor , this editor is similar with Adobe Photoshop. In future she will become a greatest editor.

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Do you know a good video editor with a video merge feature?

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Yes, I've already managed to find one like that. Initially I just thought I would have to download programs to my computer and download it. But I was told that there is even an online tool. You can do a quick video merge with it. For example this is often needed when different footage is taken, from different cameras for example, and then you need to combine it and release the video on your YouTube channel, then I use . Fast, convenient and without loss of quality. In addition, you do not have to wait half a day for the renderer, as often happens with other programs.

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