Bugs "Unwanted Sign-out"
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HelloGrin During uploading site signs me out unexpectedly. I have to sign back in to continue. This happens quite often. Chow!Grin

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Yesterday it happened to me too, once Confused Have you seen this problem even the days before yesterday or today?

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I fixed a problem. Before this fix if for whatever reason we'll be logged out we would still be able to see the "Administration" and the "Profile" icons on the header, now we'll see the correct icons, with the "Sign in" button.

I'm not sure if there are other problems with logins, if you'll notice something strange please write it into this thread.

Also, if we don't logout manually we will be still logged in for 24h after our last action,  after that the session will expire automaticaly.

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Unfortunatelly the problem wasn't fully fixed Sulky. I reverted all the previous changes and unlogged everyone. Now we should not see unexpected sing-out. Smile

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