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Hellooo! i would like to know, if it's possible to tag the wallpapers at once, when they belong to the same kind and to categorise them at once too, when they belong to the same category's a hard work to deal with them one by one. Thank U.

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Regarding tags you can use this tip: if you write "usefilename" instead of some tags then the website will extract the tags from the image's filename automatically. But obviously you should have a descriptive filename.

Or you can open the developer console of your browser and execute something like this: $(".title input").val('some, comma, separated, tags');

Where you have to change the 'some, comma, separated, tags' part. This will fill all the input fields with the tags you typed.


Regarding categories there are no special tips... Maybe the only one is that you can filter categories by typing some character, then once highlighted you can press "Enter" and that category will be chosen.

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I understand, thank you. I like very much this site the way has been made, it's just i would like to do it faster...

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For tags,  copy / paste,   paste, paste... works for me very well.

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