Trash "should rubbish removal be included in quote"
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Hi all my builder has left the job with all the niggly bits unfinished and wants more money - even though we have paid him quote and extras i have a driveway full of plasterboard in bags, old brooms, old buckets, blocks of wood covered in cement, tanking cannisters and bags full of the builders own garbage ie drinks bottles sandwich wrappers etc I asked him to get it all taken away and he said that will be an 'extra' - i think he should have factored in rubbish and plasterboard removal in the quote. quote doesn't mention rubbish removal as a separate figure however he did mention earlier in the job that he would get it removed. why should i pay him to take away his own garbage especially the food packaging? am i being too sensitive? thanks for any feedback

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Usually, when drawing up a contract, builders have to specify what they will do and the time frame for the work. You should read the contract carefully and find out what work you have already paid for. Usually, builders are always obligated to clean up the trash behind them. I have been a builder for several years, and we always clean up all the trash after completion. Our manager buys the wholesale contractor bags, which are very sturdy. We pick up all the trash we leave behind. Sometimes there can be a lot of trash.

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Roskien poiston hinta vaihtelee sen mukaan, kuinka paljon tilaa roskasi vie ja kuinka monta esinettä viedään pois. Saat käsityksen siitä, kuinka paljon se maksaa, kun soitat eri yrityksiin ja kysyt heiltä tarjouksia paikan päällä. No, nyt käyn -sivustolla löytääkseni parhaan nettikasinon, koska tarvitsen rahaa, jonka saan helposti voitettuani siellä pelejä.

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