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VIN is always in the documents for the car: in the passport and in the registration documents. In addition, an individual serial number is stamped on various integral parts of the car, for example, on the windshield or on the driver's door frame. The 17-digit VIN is assigned to each car individually and therefore needs to be varied. It consists of numbers and letters, while the letters I O and Q are not included to avoid confusion. With the help of the VIN number decoder, customers will receive detailed information about a foreign car in a matter of seconds. If you speed up the process of attracting customers by reducing the percentage of refusals, you can get satisfied customers.

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VIN-code is simply necessary for the selection of spare parts. After all, even the same model with the same motor can have different parts. And if you do not select them according to the wine code, there is a risk that not quite the same or not at all the spare part will “arrive”.

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The identification number is located on the non-removable part of the body in the places least susceptible to destruction during an accident and is duplicated on a plate located in the front of the car. VIN of modern cars is located on the front left pillar of the body and the left upper part of the dashboard.

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In fact, the VIN-code of the car is a combination of characters in which all the information about the vehicle is encoded. You can find it out on a special servic VIN lookup The number is assigned on the assembly line and consists of 17 characters, each of which has a specific meaning. The first three talk about the country and the specific manufacturer. The following 6 digits of the VIN code describe its characteristics: model body type complete set engine. The last 8 characters contain information about the distinctive features: the plant, the assembly place, the date of exit from the assembly line. The main VIN code can be located in different places on the car, but most often on the instrument panel on the left; You can see it from the outside through the windshield.

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