Offtopic "What's the most clever company name you've ever heard?"
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Here are my two, both in Israel: Cofix, where you can get your coffee fix at a fixed price of 5 shekels ($1.29) and a Jewish matchmaking service called Saw You at Sinai. The second one never fails to make me laugh.

On the tech side, also out of Israel, WhatsApp and Waze are pretty good, too.

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Your ideas seem ridiculous and the names of these companies are especially funny. I always like people who treat their business with humor and love. I recently decided to open my own coffee shop and I was faced with the hard choice of choosing a name for my establishment. I also needed a website for delivery around town, but all the domains were busy and I decided to turn to this company to help me solve the issue.

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For less important sites (portfolios, low-traffic blog) you can go with shared hosting. We use IWF from the sidebar and like their support. You can also take a look at the other sidebar hosts. They do frequent the Discord channel too and are fairly active.

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