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As you may have noticed there's a new button at the top left of our thumbnails, it's a button that if clicked "flips" the thumbnail with a wonderful animation.

The "other side" of the thumbnail shows some interesting informations:

  • Updated number of views, downloads and favourites.
  • Wallpaper's resolution.
  • Wallpaper's current rating.
  • The file size of the original image in kilobytes.
  • 3 buttons for fast editings: "edit tags", "edit category" and "mark for deletion".

The best part of this, in my opinion, are the 3 buttons for fast editings. They are very useful if you want to help the community, for example these are two specific, interesting, scenarios:

  1. Tag wallpapers without tags: just search for wallpapers tagged with "Tagme" and help us adding some pertinent tags to them. Click here and you'll see that there are actually a lot of wallpapers without tags, and this is bad because those wallpapers won't be displayed in search queries.
  2. Move wallpapers to the right category: sometimes wallpapers are not well categorized, so if you see some of them in a strange category it's super easy to move them to the right category now. I'd suggest to take a look at the "Other" category, it's our most generical category and sometimes it could be possible to see wallpapers that should belong to a different category.

Some of you may actually have noticed this button during the day, but I've found some problems with Chrome. Now it seems to work as expected on the latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox. I haven't tested it in mobile browsers or IE/Safari/Opera/etc. if you can check if everything is working as expected it would be great, let me know if you find some problems of any sort.

A modern browser is required is order to see the animation and actually flip the thumbnails. If you're still stuck with an old version of Firefox, if you still use IE9 or even IE8, what are you waiting for? Move to a better browser today, you'll experience a much better, and even faster, web experience thanks to modern browsers.

Do you like this new feature? Grin

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I do, thank you.

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Just found this feature, I like it a lot.

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I'm glad you like it Grin I love how so much extra space can be gained by just adding a button to flip the thumb, in the future I may add this feature elsewhere into the website.

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hi every body


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hi every body


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Hi there Grin

In the future please open a new thread for topics unrelated with this one.

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