Bugs "UltraHD Cropping don't work"
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UltraHD cropping don't work..... When I try to download this it show me a blank page... Wallpaper link given below...

Please fix it soon as possible...



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In this wallpaper there no option for UltraHD Cropping... This wallpaper resulation is 3840x2400.... There should have UltraHD (3840x2160) cropping option ...



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This too don't have any option for UltraHD (3840x2160) cropping... But this wall have 3888x2592 resulation....




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You've actually found two distinct problems:

  1. The server often crashed when dealing with huge images. Like cropping them etc. It's fixed now and you should not see the blanck page anymore.
  2. We used a wrong UltraHD resolution: 4096x3112 instead of 3840x2160, now it's fixed but it may require some days to propagate across all the website because we cache wallpapers' pages.

While I was fixing this problems I've also improved the performance while cropping an image. Now it's from x2 to x5 faster in my tests, this not only provide a faster download but should also help the whole website a little.

Thanks for reporting the problems Grin

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Thanks you ....Smile

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