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thanks for your patience with these questions. I was reading your copyright policy but it didn't really cover my question. I regularly write fiction in many different genres and was wondering if it was possible to use some of these wall papers as headers for my website. Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi TheDramaPod,

Your question is actually very frequent so I'll probably add an official response to the copyright policy page.

Anyway the golden rule is: we (as are not the authors of the images that are uploaded here, so for every image that you'd like to use you should try to find the original author/s of that image and ask him/them for the proper right of use.

Most of the time it's not an easy task to find the original author of an image, I usually suggest to start from a reverse image search on Google. If it doesn't provide the expected results you may try to send a message to the member who uploaded that image, chances are that he knows who is the author.

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An image of mine is being used without my permission by thegates. I have read your copyright policy and not only has this member broken your rules, they are have infringed copyright of my image. Your website doesn't work, I cannot mark it to be deleted and I cannot start a new thread and your contact us page doesn't work. Seems to me you have a policy that is a smokescreen. Contact with the site owner/admin is impossible. I charge for image usage/licensing ($125 per one time usage) and it has been downloaded 208 times. How do I go about invoicing someone for image use?  Whom shall I send my invoice to?  Might be simpler for WallpaperUP to remove the image or contact thegates to remove it and any other images that use stole from my Flickr account. I have taken the liberty to change the tags to more appropriate ones

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Dear AliC, your image has been deleted. I'm sorry for the problem this caused to you, let me know if you'll found other such links.

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Hello, An image of mine is being used by user thegates without my permission. I own the copyright to the image and they have infringed on the copyright of my image. Please have the image removed. I have tried to use the contact form but not get a confimation that my request has gone through.
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You're image has been removed, thanks for the report!

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Thank you for reporting the issue @BBQMonster, I've just deleted those pictures.

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