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Okay, okay. What if I want to develop websites. I know a little bit of html and css. Where to go, what to do

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If you want to develop websites, you need to know more than just HTML and CSS. You need to know the design plan so you know what you need to learn. I will send you a web page that describes very well how to create a landing page . Find the information on YouTube. Or get in touch with some company. You can attend a training session.

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It is not so easy like it seems. You need to have enough experience.

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Development is the process through which software products are created. Development involves creating concepts, design solutions, programming software solutions and testing the finished product. That is why to learn more about it, I was referring customized software solutions for business from startups to enterprise that is a really updated and modern technology option.

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Web development services refer to the professional services provided by web developers or web development agencies to create, design, and maintain websites and web applications.

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If you want to develop websites and already have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, a good next step would be to expand your skills in web development. You can consider taking online courses or tutorials to learn more about front-end development languages like JavaScript. Additionally, practice by building small projects and websites to gain hands-on experience. You can also join web development communities and forums to learn from experienced developers and seek guidance.

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