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One more thing I have noticed is the tags. I think thegates also mentioned this problem at one time. It capitolizes tags that shouldn't be capitolized and vice versa. I tagged a wallpaper with Batman, Spiderman and it capitolized Batman but not Spiderman.

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The problem happens because the first time the tag "spiderman" was added to a wallpaper in our site it has been added uncapitalized, so it is uncapitalied for every other wallpaper that have the "Spiderman" tag. Almost the same for the "Batman" tag.

I should add the ability to edit the tags individually, but it may be problematic since there may be some tags that capitalized and uncapitalized have different meanings, for example a name that it's also a common word.

I don't know when I'll solve this problem actually Sulky Anyway thanks for reporting Smile

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Ok also it is capitolizing words like and.

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