Bugs "Not Getting My Credits For Anything!"
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Now I am not getting credited for the wallpapers I am uploading. It said I needed 20 uploads to reach 100 and I uploaded 3 wallpapers and it just stayed at 20 didn't change!

It used to change immediately.

I am also not getting my credits for adding tags to wallpapers and the tags are still not showing up in the tags list.

Ever since you changed the uploader there have been problems.

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These problems are unrelated with the new uploader, it's pretty normal that when lot of changes are made some bugs show up. Hopefully I'll fix them one by one.

The tags problem have been solved, as I've said in the other thread.

The real problem here is about achievements, I've done a little investigation and they are not updated since some days, give me 2 or 3 days at maximum and they will work as we expect.

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Ok thank you.

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Please let me know when the achievements section is working properly.

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I've made some changes, now a member's achievements and ranking are updated every time he visits his own profile or achievements. Also the achievements and rankings of every members are updated once every 24h.

The table containing all the top 1000 500 members is updated once every 24h.

I hope it is enough now.

Ideally the achievements should be updated right after a specific action has been executed, but some of them are triggered very frequently, for example @thegates' wallpapers receive tens of thousands of views every day, but we can't check his achievements everytime he gets a view or the whole website would crash Plain.

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Well up until now every time I uploaded a wallpaper it would show on my achievements that I had gotten one closer to the next goal immediately. I hope it goes back to that now.

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