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As you probably know we recently moved to a new and more performant server. By the way during the switch I accidentally misconfigured the server, in particular if you visited the site during the last 10 hours (since the time I wrote this message) you'll need to refresh your browser's cache or the website can misbehave.

You can learn how to refresh your browser's cache here, just click the icon of the browser you're using and follow the easy steps.

I'm sorry for the problem Confused If you'll find other problems please report them by writing here or by adding a new thread to the bugs section of the forum.

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aha i dont understand anything in this website just i love the pictures here and it make me know alot of place in canada and europe :)

so i think thats enough :)

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Hello there Smile If you found something that is over-complicated I would like to know, maybe I can make it better Grin

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ok thank u :)

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