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I've just finished to add a pretty cool new feature: filters! Wink

Now there's a new page in your administration page where you can set up your personal filters for every single category we have.

- What are filters? Why should I use them?

They let you reduce the amount of wallapers that comes from a particular category so that you'll only see the wallpapers you love the most. Grin

These filters are applied to a limited amount of pages, where this makes sense: latest, top viewed/downloaded/etc..., random, searches, and when browsing by a resolution, by color or by day. They are not applied anywhere for obvious reasons, maybe you don't want to see wallpapers about landscapes or cars, but if you explicitly open their category you won't find an empty page.

- How can I filter a particular category?

Once you open the new page for managing your filters you'll see a bounch of "blocks" that when clicked will show their subcategories, every category has a filter, represented by a slider, all the numbers displayed are percentages. Since by default not a single category is filtered, all the filters are setted to a value of 100. If you want to disable a category set its filter to 0, if you want to reduce by an half or a third the wallpapers that will come from a category set the filter to 50 and 33 respectivelly, as simple as that.


Hope you'll enjoy it! Smile

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Great news! I like this!Smile

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Brazil Very good, I like it.Tougue

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NICE !!!! i  love it   xD

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Brazil Very good, I like it.Tougue

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