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Welcome to WallpaperUP 2.0

I've been working on it for about a year now, and the time has finally come to show you all the result.

The following is a list of the main changes:

  • As you certainly already noticed the design has been completely renewed:
    • We switched to a mainly light design.
    • The entire website is so much better when viewed from a mobile device or on a small screen in general.
    • Usability in general has been improved.
  • The website is now based on an entire new framework, that I wrote for it specifically, called Svelto (Its website is under construction at the moment of writing).
  • Wallpapers' pages have been redesigned:
    • It's now possible to add a description to them if you like, it could also be used for adding some credits.
    • A license can be specified, it could be any of the Creative Commons licenses available or even a Public Domain license. This should make the website better for people searching for pictures to use in their projects, and for authors trying to sell their work.
    • Messages can be sent into wallpapers' pages. This has been a long time requested feature and now we have it. Sometimes its cool to be able to send an appreciation message, but it will be useful for contacting the uploader as well.
  • The uploader has been rewritten from scratch:
    • It supports adding a license and a description, of course.
    • It comes with a great multi-editor, so that for instance you can change the category of multiple wallpapers at once.
  • Users-related pages have been redesigned:
    • Each user can now upload a cover picture, personalizing even further their profile.
    • We now use circular avatars across the entire website, make sure yours looks great in this format.
  • The search engine is completely new:
    • It's much more usable on mobile.
    • It's now possible to search by license and aspect ratio as well.
    • An advanced syntax is available, take a look at the related page.
    • It's faster, up to 5 times faster in some cases.

Other minor changes:

  • The tags editor has been improved, improving support for multi-words tags.
  • Administrators, moderators and trusted members have a special badge in their profile, indicating their special status.
  • You can have private collections of favorites that we'll only be visible to you. Current collections can be made private as well.
  • Everywhere you can write a message you can format it using markdown, if you don't know it, take a look at this brief documentation.
  • Many many more smaller things...

Some features have been removed for various reasons:

  • Support for infinite scrolling pages is no longer available, it was used by very few people. It may still be reimplemented in the future.
  • Support for categories filters have been removed, it wasn't very popular and probably not even very useful. It may be added again in the future.
  • Emoticons are no longer supported. We'll have support for the full emoji spectrum in the future, so spending time on a dead feature didn't seem necessary to me.
  • It's no longer possible to rate wallpapers. In the future it will be possible to express a like or a dislike, so, similarly as what as been done for emoticons, maintaining this feature seemed unnecessary.

What about the future?

A maybe even bigger change is that now the code is so much more maintainable, adding a new feature or fixing a bug will be much simpler than in the past, so expect periodic changes and new features. Don't forget to use the forum whenever you want to suggest something or you want to report a bug.

Do you like the new version of the website?

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