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Schizoid Personality Disorder - What It's Like

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Schizoid personality disorder is a pattern of indifference to social relationships, with a limited range of emotional expression and experience. The disorder manifests itself by early adulthood through social and emotional detachments that prevent people from having close relationships. People with it are able to function in everyday life, but will not develop meaningful relationships with others. They are typically loners and may be prone to excessive daydreaming as well as forming attachments to animals. They may do well at solitary jobs others would find intolerable. There is evidence indicating the disorder may be the start of schizophrenia, or just a very mild form of it. People with schizoid personality disorder are in touch with reality unless they develop schizophrenia.

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Symptoms-Takes pleasure in few, if any, activities-Does not desire or enjoy close relationships, including family-Appears aloof and detached-Avoids social activities that involve significant contact with other people-Almost always chooses solitary activities-Little or no interest in sexual experiences with another person-Lacks close relationships other than with immediate relatives-Indifferent to praise or criticism-Shows emotional coldness, detachment or flattened affect-Exhibits little observable change in mood-

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