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Russian woman congatulates men for Men's Day The holiday is officially called ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’. Officially, as the name suggests, the holiday celebrates people who are serving or were serving the Russian Armed Forces (both men and women, both military and civilian personnel), but unofficially, nationally it has also come to include the celebration of men as a whole, and to act as a counterpart of International Women's Day on March 8.

To celebrate the holiday, in Russia women traditionally give gifts to the opposite sex, especially husbands (or boyfriends, fiances), fathers, sons and brothers, but also to their male co-workers. It is celebrated on 23 February. i congratulate her for being a real woman who is not insecure, self-loathing, and self-victimized by the concept of men/masculinity.

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Guy Scores at Brazil Carnival Party with midget pornstar Dwarf Lives Matter

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Slayer "South of Heaven" Drum Cover (by Nea Batera) Dave Lombardo can be proud.

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