General "What are the rules for uploading?"
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WallpaperUP is all about high quality images and respect of their owners' rights, so there are some rules to follow:

You must be allowed to upload that image. For instance you should be the author of it or get the consent from its owner, unless the image is in the public domain-If you specify a license and you're not the copyright holder, be sure to specify the right license-Every wallpaper must be not less than 1440x900-Put a small image into a bigger frame to overcome the previous rule is disallowed-Low quality and bad photos are not allowed, this is not Instagram-Private photos are not allowed-Any sort of porn or nudity is not allowed-Wallpapers that promote hate, violence and/or racism are disallowed-Wallpapers must be suitable for work and kids. Moderators can reject even women in lingerie or bikini-The maximum allowed size is 50MB-Wallpapers need to be approved by a moderator before becoming publicly visible, unless you are a trusted member.

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