Suggestions "Quality vs Quantity"
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Try to follow and mantain a high quality criterium for wallpapers, instead of quantitative floods of things similar to wallpapers.

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We don't tell members what to or how they should upload. As long as what they upload is 'family safe' 'non personal' and 'non pixalated'. And as far as I can see, members here do a smashing job of uploading quality looking wallpapers. Some people might disagree with the mass uploading of wallpapers of the same subject matter. We are just happy that people are uploading here and try to not put 2 many restrictions on them. :relaxed:

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Thanks for your concerns Lolita.

I think that since we have the space available on disk, and since wallpapers are usually sorted by popularity/views, there's no problem on having multiple similar-looking wallpapers.

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