Bugs "500 Page Viewing Limit?"
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Hi, I'm new to the website. I've been viewing the wallpapers in the Abstract category and found I couldn't go higher than page 500. According to the tool tip that shows up when you hover over "Abstract", there are as of today 127,345 images in this category. Divided by 24 images per page (at 1920 x 1080 resolution), there should be over 5,300 thousand pages. I checked a couple other categories (Animals and Nature) and sub categories, and they all stop at page 500 also. Is this a bug, or by design? Thanks!

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Speaking for myself, I detest limits. :sob: :wink:

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This is by design. The reason behind it is precisely this:

  • Wallpapers are ordered by popularity, basically a number each wallpaper has assigned to it.
  • In order to get the 1st page, we only have to get the first 24 more popular wallpapers, sort them, and display them.
  • In order to get the 500th page, we have to get the first 24 * 500 more popular wallpapers, sort them, and display them.
  • Basically the further you go the more wallpapers there are to sort, you might not notice a substantial delay between loading the 1st or the 500th page, but currently it takes about 100 times as much to get the wallpapers for the 500th page.

The limit has been introduced because loading pages beyond the 500th might be pretty expensive, and I think not many users are doing this anyway. You may think that since not many users will need this the cost of removing the limit would be minimal, but unfortunately the minute I remove the limit bots (Google, Bing etc.) are going to request those pages anyway.

I'll try to optimize this, trying to increase the current limit, or, if I find a way to really optimize it a lot, maybe even removing the limit.

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