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New to the site so forgive me. How long does it usually take for wallpapers to be moderated? It’s been over 2 days now so was just wondering about the process

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It used to take less than a day when we had active moderators, now unfortunately everyone is pretty busy with other things and it's taking quite a bit more.

I'll try to review them in a timely fashion, but the real solution would be to automate the process, which is not an easy thing.

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I am super busy these days, but will stop by to moderate at least 2 or3 times a week. :grinning:

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Due to my job, I will only be able to moderate wallpapers on weekends.

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Hi. I am on holiday and will be back to moderating wallpapers 2 weeks from now. So sorry!!!. Date of message 7/18/19.

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