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RUN Forest RUN! Let's see here...….road blocked......electricity turned off...….camera perfectly positioned.

I'm guessing the geologists and engineers were pretty much ahead of the curve in anticipating this event

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Incredible footage shows massive landslide in Indian-controlled Kashmir Remarkable footage has emerged showing a massive landslide which occurred today (March 2) in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

The incredible video, which was captured near Thanpal Dam, shows a vast section of a mountainside shearing off and plummeting into a river below.

There were no reports of any injuries although the landslide did force the closure of a road. The roots of tree's used to bind the ground together and hold it all in place.Deforestation causes a lot of landslides, especially after heavy rain

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The Crazy Power Of Water Anderson Reservoir near Morgan Hill is too full and officials are releasing water as fast as they can to protect a nearby dam, which is not earthquake safe.Water is gushing out of the reservoir through an outlet and into Coyote Creek at about 3,000 gallons per second. Run that through a turbine to generate power. Never let a overflow go to waste!

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Beautiful footage of a bubble freezing at -30C in Canada's Saskatchewan A prolonged cold snap of -30 degrees Celsius brings another opportunity to create these magical frozen bubbles in the frigid Canadian air.

Although the clip was captured a few weeks ago, filmer Craig - based in Regina, Saskatchewan - says that the temperature has been at minus 30 degrees Celsius for the last four weeks.

"Another year of the polar vortex brings us to another year of amazing frozen bubbles," he writes.

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Brave hiker captures rivers of lava erupting from volcano on French-controlled island One brave mountaineer filmed molten lava exploding and oozing from a volcano on the French-controlled island of La Réunion, ignoring warnings from local authorities to avoid the area.

Lava can be seen spitting from the blackened craters of the Piton de la Fournaise as it erupted last Monday morning (February 18) on the French overseas department of Reunion in the Indian ocean.

The local authorities had forbidden anyone from going near the volcano as the area is considered very dangerous. The hiker defied the warning, justifying his trip claiming that "I'm very experienced and know the area very well."

While the Piton de la Fournaise is 2,632 metres high, the latest eruption was taking place at an altitude of approximately 1,800 metres creating mile-long lava flows. If it wasn't for bravery/stupidity like this, we would never get to see these sort of exciting video's. 10/10 to the guy.

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