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i love your wallpapers especially the animal ones

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Hey Mamaru,

I'm an upcoming music producer, and I have a track I made a while back that would go really well with track is a kinda lo-fi instrumental that I titled Playground Memories. The theme of this image goes very well with it.

I found the image on Pinterest and edited it a bit to fit what I wanted for the video. If you'd contact me, I can send you the edited video. I would love it if you would permit me to use this image (with the minor alterations I mentioned previously). I would credit you in the song and all my social media and promote your work in other places as well. (Love your other work btw.)

Please contact me at if you are interested,or let me know if you are not. Just so I can know what to do.

Thank you.

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Hola amiga. La foto de la chica de cabello negro, con las manos en las mejillas, está excelsa. Me encantaría para portada de mi próximo libro. Es de fantasía histórica, y trata sobre una súcubo. ¿Acaso me permitirás usarla? De ser así, contáctame para ponerte en los créditos y además una pagina dedicada a agradecerte. Por supuesto, que te enviaré el libro. :wink: mi correo es:

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Are you the artist for the following if you are could you please get in touch with me.

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Hey! Would it be possible if you could upload "ships_sea_sky_drawings_the_sun_widescreen" in an as high as possible ressolution? I'm thinking of making this my new wallpaper!

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Ok perfect thanks

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