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Hey, I love your wallpapers .

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i love horseshi i am now hers

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Hi! Are you or do you know an author of this picture?

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Hi! I just finished creating an Akatsuki edit that I want to post on YouTube. I want yo use your Yahiko Pain (Nagato) wallpaper as the thumbnail image. Do you give me permission to do that? I would cite your name (with link to this page), the link to the original post, and any other specification you requested!) thank you!

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HI MamaruCan I use in my magazine? I usually feature several pictures to give inspiration to writers.

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Hello Mamaru, I am a classical composer and would like to feature this striking image in a non-profit making video for a symphony and possibly an album cover. As well as accreditation, I would also like to make a token payment for its use, so please could you contact me at: Much appreciated.

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Hi :grin:

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