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What is the picture on your profile picture? The one on the background with the stars? Could you send me the link?

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Hello Mamaru, I really like this one : "dennis-frohlich-anasasiel-final" :+1:Did you draw / create it please ? I would like to use it for my Wattpad book's cover.If you're not the autor, could you give me a contact please ?Thank you,Meira.

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drawing is not mine, you can ask from this site :relaxed:

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... my respect, thanks for the greeting card, I'm a little late :) but what they say is never late to me ...... every good thing,... Slavoljub ...!

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:+1: :blush:

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Hello MamaruI have a questionCan I use your images for a video?

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pictures do not belong to me, but I do not think it's a problem, you can use

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